The Bow is a fragile weapon but it’s become popular as the ammo is simple to make and it doesn’t require Cells to operate. We use the Stalker X Shot Bow that fires oversized foam darts at a target. One member of you Band can take a Bow as a starting item.

Snap Gun

The other common weapon seen in the Ruins is a small one shot pistol that has more in common with a present day zip gun than modern pistols. Snap Guns require bullets to use as ammo and bullets cannot be re-used. We use the X Shot Micro to represent snap guns.

Disc Chucker

The third type of weapon uses magnetic accelerator to throw sharpened metal discs at a target. The ammo is simple and re-usable. However, it requires cells to fire each shot. We us the Nerf Proton for these weapons.


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