Starting Items

Each member of your Raiding Band starts with a special piece of Gear or a Weapon that will help your band get access to more stuff. This is alongside a Gym Bag that you can use to store your goodies in.


One of your team can be armed with a Bow and three arrows. Just the thing if you expect to get into a fight.


Ruins are dark and dingy places. Having a proper light source can be vital.

Lock Picks

Some boxes you will find in the ruins are locked and having picks give you a big edge in attempting to open them.


Although every raider carries a shoulder bag to store their loot in it can really help to have a big bag to cart larger items and big finds in.


These thick rubber gloves protect your hands from harm when rooting about in toxic slime or handling dangerous electrics.


This heavy piece of metal can be used to protect you from attacks by dangerous threats you might find in the ruin.

Starting Items

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