The published setting for Ruin Raiders is deliberately vague as there’s not real need to to understand the world or the setting in order to play the game. I’ll publish much more info for the ongoing LARP when it’s ready to play.

Some facts about the setting:

There is no outside; it’s all a seemingly endless warren of corridors and rooms.

Some of the biggest rooms are bigger than football fields and some are even filled with scrub and dead trees.

If a band member dies they will wake up alone in some deserted corridor dressed only in a set of paper scrubs…

Sometimes they don’t.

There are a lot of complicated machines and devices that you might encounter in the ruins. Hardly any of them have an interface a human can use.

There are other things out there in the ruins…

There are a lot of drones and droids scattered around the ruins. Most of them are powered down or are barely functioning.


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